“My Dream on May 31, 2009…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.


I had a dream this morning that I was in a graduate level class and the teacher, an angry, old Asian man, asked the class the mathematical formula for all existence. Mathematicians of every stripe tried to explain things, including Philosophers, but no one could answer his question. So right as everyone was starting to grab their coats and prepare to leave, I took the podium. I said that I would be brief, but to allow me to add something. The people graciously sat back down (with a slight grumble in the process, as I was the only Black person in the class and they seemed to tolerate me as some strange, exotic character that didn’t belong with them). I started to write on the board several symbols and explained what I meant by them, while qualifying to them that I was not a mathematician, but a Humanities scholar.

Part A: I wrote that what the teacher was calling “existence” I qualified as “Infinity,” and Infinity was comprised of dimension (length, width, height, depth), matter (fire, air, earth, water), and Ashe or “I and I” (the spiritual quotient in the formula suggesting the blessed presence of the divine spark in everyone).

Part B: I then explained that the inclusion of numerology (not necessarily numbers in any ordered sense) was also a part of the equation. I explained that instead of the number one, you only needed to include the number “one-ness,” or the essence of the number one, as well as the other numbers between 1 and seven (I’m not sure why I stopped at seven when we could’ve continued to thirteen, but I did…). Here, one meant Unity, the wholeness of all things that is the mysterious essence of all math. All things are related. Two meant duality, suggesting that all things on the lower planes of being had a light side and a shadow side. Three referred to the trintiarian process—or cycle of all life (creation, preservation, destruction—emphasizing that energy can never be destroyed, only changed, and that creation and destruction were secretly linked in such a fashion that one must always be witnessed in relation to the other); four referred to the base elements of fire, air, earth, and water, and how they comprised the vehicle to all things physical in this dimension; five referred to our senses and the manifested plane of being. Six referred to the quality of Completion in life, or, the notion that a process was completed while moving toward another. Seven referred to the quality of Perfection, referring to the seven levels of being within us all: one—the material being, two—the etheric, energetic aspect of ourselves, three—the emotional being, four—the mind aspect concerned with materiality, power, and gain. It is concerned with what can be literally described, controlled, and predicted. This is followed by the fifth—the aspect of mind that is concerned with spiritual truths that weave together opposing forces rather than separate. Six—the intuitional aspect of the self that quiets the “noise” of the lower planes of being and allows you to hear what’s always there, the ever-consistent “music” of an ever-present truth (in a song by rapper Bahamadia and poet Ursula Rucker entitled “Path to Rhythm,” a bonus track on Bahamadia’s first album Kollage, they refer to this as the ever-present rhythm of life that one must always struggle to remember and listen to…). And finally the seventh—the art of becoming one with the Cosmic Will. Here, you are submerged within the ocean of the All and function as a being of pure focused, illuminated energy. Contrary to popular assumptions, you don’t lose you personality, but it does “vibrate” at a higher frequency..

Part C: I then wrote that you must add the notion of Love and Grace to the formula, quotients that could not easily be perceived (although ever-present all throughout). Unconditional Love was the bonding agent that linked all elements of the formula together while Grace gave the formula the quality of never being predictable, in a sense, making it always correct despite having an infinite number of different answers to the same question. The two comprised the divine sex between mind, being, and essence, signifying the difference between the “quick fuck” of religious dialogue and the long love making of spiritual intimacy–you know, when the very notion of time becomes irrelevant (hey, it all made sense in the dream because people were taking maaaad notes!).

I then concluded with the formula “Part A x Part B + Part C = Self.” I said that our relationship to the formula was more important than the formula itself. This was because to understand it required that we disavow ourselves of our comfort with the predictability of mathematical computation (I think we also assume that purchasing products we see on TV will somehow make life more controllable and predictable too). “Divine Math,” as it were, computed the fluidity of truth, not just mathematically contrived answers. Anyway, the teacher was pleased, but took notes feverishly (I found out later that he asked the class not necessarily for our benefit, but because he was stuck and really wanted to know the answer for himself, and was only angered that the class would not say anything beyond trying to pander to his ego to get a good grade). Either way, at that moment I realized that I didn’t need the class anymore and left.

Although I’m sure you’ll come to your own conclusions as to what the dream could’ve meant (ranging from complete non-sense to deep truth), at the very least it seemed to mean to me that as the only Black person in the class in the dream (and having been dismissed regularly), that sometimes we know more than we think we know, and that as long you can feel the truth in your own thought process, you don’t need the approval of others. And sometimes, those that we put above ourselves aren’t as far beyond us as we think, and they need to hear your own special spiritual truth so that they can learn from you!

Peace & Blessings!

~ by Lord Amaru on May 31, 2009.

3 Responses to ““My Dream on May 31, 2009…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.”

  1. WOW! Thank you for your ever enlightening prose. It is truly a blessing to read your powerful, insightful words.

  2. call me selfish but i feel this is written for me! thanks for the reminder.


  3. i am lily of the field.

    i just wrote a simply divine response to the may 09 blog on the dream of solving the equation of life, but it disappeared before i could send it, i mean it was gorgeous, maybe my conceit chased it into the ethers, but at any rate, i commend you on providing these insights for our perusal, you went to only seven because of the seven chakra system we or rather the “class” was bound to and familiar with, but you don’t “need” the class anymore becasue there are six other levels you must master, and perhaps these six levels will be brought forth out of you and through you in the divine birth that comes from your union with the dark mother. thank you again, such beautiful words of wisdom make me excited again, especially coming from the rare black pearl that you are, and being the “only black person in the class” and regarded as tolerated oddity is a phenomenon that those of us who are of afrikan descent and who also long for the gnostic swim have to deal with, looking for representations in ourselves in a tradition that came out of our ancient culture but which has been adopted and reinterpreted but not necessarily giving homage and credit to the nubian origins of these practices.

    i will return.

    lily of the field

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