“13 Lenses from My Meditation” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

The Art of Darlene Jones

These came to me in a recent meditation. They are like lenses you can use to see certain things more clearly.

1) Investment clarifies…

If you want to clarify the nature of your relationship to something, it will undoubtedly require an investment of your attention.

2) Duality is contextual.

Perfection, imperfection, good, evil, order, chaos, etc. are whatever they mean to you. They do not intrinsically have any value other than what you give them. At this stage of existence, part of this journey is to master your capacity for discernment to determine how you apply value, and to what. Choose.

3) Truth balances.

Truth is settling. When you don’t feel settled, you haven’t accepted a truth. Extremes are inherently illusory. Become truth.

4) The Real is deep quiet and stillness, the unreal is distracting and forever chasing smoke.

If you’re unsure about the reality of something, submerge yourself in the “deep quiet” of yourself (it does not necessarily require outward silence). Be internally still. (Side note: if you choose to live in this state, you will find that you’ll only attract quality people.)

5) Emotion is shadow, the true self is like a still light.

By emotion, I differentiate between the ‘love of All’ or the ‘joy of life’ from momentary anger, agitation, sadness. Stand still in loving All.

6) Believing is seeing.

If you no longer value the things that seem to confirm a reality you don’t choose, ask for new ideas. Once your beliefs change, so do your confirmations. We only see what we have chosen to believe.

7) Honesty centers.

True honesty, not so much about the surface issues (i.e. did I tell the truth about how she looks in a dress or did I lie about liking someone, etc.), but about what’s real to you. Honesty is about being beholden to love. It centers you once you discover it.

8) Desire is illusion because we seldom want the subject of our desire, but the wholeness we attribute to those desires. That’s our real goal.

Look passed what you think you desire and find what you have attributed to it. Did you really want a new car, suit, lover…or did you want the adulation, respect, or fulfillment you thought would come with it? The secret of life is choosing the quality you want in your life without the illusion of your desires to find true contentment–regardless of what you have (or don’t have). So get the new car because you choose to, or don’t, but the respect you attract from others should be based on who you are.

9) Love connects.

Anything that pulls things apart is not real. But don’t get it twisted, being connected may not always look the way people think. Connection is in what feels genuine; in what situates best in your being, not what appears to be so. Discern real connectedness from that which is the ‘not-real.’ You can be closer to someone you haven’t seen in years than someone you see everyday. Connect, in love, to life.

10) Rightness confirms.

When you’re doing what’s right in your spirit, it confirms your path. Stay on it.

11) Presence is strength.

Being truly present can be felt. Make it a point to be present only to that which is real, the illusions of life will dissipate in the face of genuine presence anyway (and yes, that includes fake people).

12) Focus is transformational.

Focusing your attention transforms you and the subject of your focus.

13) Creativity unlocks.

Becoming creativity provides you with options that others will often not understand.

~ by Lord Amaru on June 28, 2014.

2 Responses to ““13 Lenses from My Meditation” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson”

  1. Dr. Johnson,
    I am very moved by your insight!!! I have tried to contact you in the past because you were a Claremont Alum. I left Claremont and received my Masters in Marriage/Family Therapy and work in the community while trying to complete the Ph.d at Saybrook University in Psychology.

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