“LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd


I wish movies like LUCY were being brought to the screen more often. I’m not a sci-fi buff or avid movie goer, but I thoroughly enjoy this thought provoking story-line about man’s highest potential. This movie was great although it missed some moments to creatively capitalize on opportunities to tell a deeper story.

Luc Besson tries to creatively convey some Hermetic philosophies like vibratory energies and mentalism.  If you’re looking for clarity on some of the deeper elements within LUCY, I would recommend a book titled “The Kybalion”. It’s an introduction into one of the oldest philosophies on knowledge which I believe the creator of LUCY was trying to capture.

Back to LUCY, I did some brief research on the subject. LUCY is a partial female skeletal system of a hominid believed to have lived 3 million years ago. Her brain is estimated to be the size of an ape and believed she walked upright, hence the theory of evolution. So, this movie takes us through the potential of full evolution or as Morgan Freeman puts it, “revolution”. In the beginning of the movie we’re given images of cells splitting and dividing into more cells; I was hoping for a brief explanation of the Hermetic theory on vibratory energy forces that create the replication of cells and its deeper meaning on the process of birth, be it an idea or simple material forms.

The beginning also included a voiceover of the actress who states that life began billions of years ago and begins addressing what we have done with it. Then at the very end of the movie she states,” life was given to us a billion years ago now you know what to do”. Huh! Just before making the last statement she leaves us with a flash drive…..what’s on the damn flash drive! I didn’t get to see what was on the flash drive! If I see the flash drive will I freaking understand it?

Back to the beginning of the movie; LUCY is a student who likes to party and do drugs which at first appears to be irrelevant. But on second thought aren’t we all students, life is a never ending lesson to be learned. The drug reference is just a link, connecting the plot of how she becomes a mule for a drug cartel. I enjoyed seeing Morgan Freeman who was great as a neuroscientist. His speech about evolution to revolution was inspiring and one of those intellectual moments of the movie where I’m to suppose that he means we have a responsibility for our own evolution.

According to the Hermetic theory in order for one to know something it has to be an individual experience and in so doing we’re never mistaken about the truth of that understanding. Therefore, the revolution begins when you see more than the half-truth–or should I say evolution begins… Wait, is it the other way around, does it really even matter? Or are those just concepts on the same scale, or as the Kybalion puts it “Polarity”….where one ends one begins?

Anyway back to LUCY; Morgan the neuroscientist gives a speech about how we use no more than 10% of our brains and if we’re able to develop the capacity to use 100% who knows what can happen, but wait….is the movie going to tell us? Is this a movie that’s going to turn the universe on its axis? Will it unravel the mysteries? What would the universe look like without the mysteries? Would life even need to exist without them? As LUCY goes through this drug induced transformative journey she gradually develops this greater capacity of brain power and at each level of progression she becomes disassociated with her humanness. With each greater use of her brain she has full command of her clairvoyance, ability to transform her body, she even decides in mid-flight to teleport herself to Paris because she was in a rush to meet her mission. She has complete control over others via induction by which she changes her vibratory scale to an infinite level affecting the minds of other. This is called telepathy. (Man, would I like some telepathy right about now. I know of a few people who need to be put in check).  Anyway, once she reaches 90% she becomes pure energy, traveling through time in the ethereal while chilling in a chair. One of her last stops is a meeting with the original LUCY, no words are spoken just a gaze of wonderment as they touch and then she beams into the cosmos.

Evolution to revolution (or is it the other way around) and does it even matter? Is man real or not?  Is there a beginning and end or not?  Is time real or relative? The Kybalion by William Atkinson, warns us to be very careful of the “Half-Truth”. That life is a Paradox and a tool to use as we move through our own evolution. To understand some of the concepts introduced in this movie I would suggest reading the Hermetic principle of Vibration and Mentalism presented in the Kybalion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the creator of LUCY was a fan of this insightful read.

LUCY aspires to give us an image of what it looks like when man reaches his/her highest potential by suggesting that a personal journey as a student in the classroom of the universe requires that we break free from the bonds that prevent us from unlocking our self-potential. If LUCY were not born with this potential she’d have no way to access telepathy, teleportation, and clairvoyance. These are just a few of the gifts we’ve inherited but reject. Now, I’m not saying we are God (that would be stupid).

The Kybalion poses a great analogy: If Shakespeare created Macbeth, could you not say Shakespeare permeates Macbeth? Therefore could you say Macbeth is Shakespeare? Yes and no. Macbeth didn’t, and couldn’t, create Shakespeare, yet Macbeth is filled with (and exists because of) Shakespeare. Hence the Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below; as below, so above”. It’s this Hermetic philosophy which makes this movie is so compelling and believable. LUCY returned to whence she originated, like any mental idea, drawn back into the mind of its source. In other words she was vibrating on such a higher level becoming invisible to us who vibe on a much lower level. Like cells when they are becoming visible due to the reduced speed in which they vibrate. Those same cells and its composition are invisible to the eye when rotating at higher rates of speed. Therefore when the bad guys yells “Where did she go?,” LUCY sends him a text stating “I am everywhere”.

If you’re tripping on what I’m saying take a step back and think about it. It’s a philosophy you ascribe to in your day to day life. Have you ever witnessed someone smack talking, puffing, and braggadocios saying “you can’t see me’?  It’s no accident that we understand it or feel this way….its innate in us all. It is an innate gift that you have the ability to be on such a level that you can’t be seen. The ex-con who changes his life, and now all his/her convict associates, no longer want a hang because he is no longer down to do dirt or when  a person recommit their life to Christ and accept the church and all those trifling buddies stop hanging with… Are these not examples of vibrating at a higher level of consciousness? Once you accept your gifts, like LUCY, or a Neo (from The Matrix), then the evolution to revolution can begin. Or is it vice versa, but wait….does it even matter?  Bottom line, everything must return to its source and LUCY traversed that journey while chillin, not afraid but knowing it was where she belongs. LUCY went home.

~ by Lord Amaru on August 6, 2014.

One Response to ““LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd”

  1. Hello brother, i am from méxico, let me tell you my brief history and sorry for my bad english.
    Please use the translator as my englih is very bad.
    Cuando tenía 18 años, pase por una serie de sucesos muy curiosos, gente que practibaba religiones fuera del dogma convencional se me acerco a mi.
    Incluso una persona me dio a leer un libro justamente “El kybalion”
    Me comento que era necesario que lo leyese, esa persona desconocida para mi, sabía mi nombre y mucho sobre mi.
    Ella se desvanecio llendo a un cuarto oscuro en una sala de convenciones, por mas loco que parezca.
    Durante años me he negado a leer ese libro, tengo temor.
    Y la señales me siguen llegando.
    Hoy despúes de casí 6 años de negación, un amigo, espontaneamente me sugirio con mucho ahinco, ver lucy.
    Llegando a casa, una llamada de mi novia, me recalco verla, siendo que aquí en méxico esa pelicula ya tiene mucho que salio, y ambos son ajenos al mundo del cine.
    Apenas la acabe de ver e increíblemente note muchas similitudes con el kybalion.
    “Nada es coincidencia”
    Puse en google.
    “lucy” “kybalion” y mi primer resultado fuiste tú.
    Así que por una razón hoy estoy en tu muro, hay gente entre nosotros con mayor nivel de comprensión de todo.
    Espero no me juzges y trates de recorrer un poco el velo, quizá tu me puedas ayudar.
    Por cierto, retomare el libro, y estuvo muy buena tu reseña.

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