“I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson


This series explores the qualities of each zodiac sign’s contribution to understanding the way in which The Self, the interconnected qualities within each of us that flow like a giant ocean, functions in our lives. Inherited from the Kemetic cultural cosmology, the process of developing one’s consciousness through purposeful reflection was not separate from the intellectual traditions or matters of State, but were interwoven.


I’m called to begin this series with Libra, as it is not only my sun sign, but the sign in which the soul begins its ascent toward the reunification with the source of all. It is said in astrology that the soul manifests in Aries, then involutes through the next five zodiac signs and fully embraces human existence, the begins its ascent via Libra through the last five signs and detaches from existence to release its embrace of what can be sensed and accept the unknowable. Yet each sign is a sort of initiation through which the soul evolves into its higher state. Or rather, the frequency of the soul’s vibration reaches a higher state or quality of resonance.

The Art of Balance


Spiritual balance takes place in many forms, from balancing the dark and light within yourself, to balancing the divine within you and the profane of the world outside, to tempering how much of your deepest self you can manifest in your daily existence and relationships. But the art of balance is truly one of grace, and can be exemplified by the dancer who can balance her whole body weight on her toes, or, more traditionally, the scales.


Yet the symbol of the scales belies a hidden truth about both grace and balance itself–it is an art. To balance one’s inner existence and the outer social expectations requires more than just mechanistic, rout decision-making and devotion to a list of rights and wrongs, but a living, breathing, set of principles applied with meditated wisdom on daily matters.

So balancing one’s love of an aggressor with protecting one’s self from them…where you can love someone dearly, but protect one’s self from that person (whether verbally, legally, or physically). Or balancing one’s daily responsibilities with living the spiritual truths you ascribe to… This requires the eye of the most gifted artist or the grace of the most talented dancer. In fact, when we appreciate the dancers, athletes, or artists we see, it’s often to celebrate the grace we naturally attempt to embody everyday.

Yet the scales of balance reveal another secret, the balancing of apparent opposites. For example, it is suggested that the Aquarian age will witness the rise of the feminine in the world, and a supposed decline of the masculine. But this binary is an illusion, because opposites tend to rely heavily on one another. The qualities of the masculine and feminine interact like the breathing process rather than two opposing forces at war. One author I read once described the masculine as a blade used to cut away the unnecessary, or counterproductive, while describing the feminine as a sewing needle designed to attach what is not. At times, you need both. Sometimes in life you need to cut away and make room (like taking in a breath and “tearing away” from the air from the space around you) and other times you need to bond things, relationships, ideas, activities, etc. (much like breathing out and replacing the air you took in). But as with breathing, the qualities of masculine and feminine require each other to be realized…until one can appreciate what both contribute to our existence.

Thus, ‘I Balance’ signifies the art of transcending extremes and unifying the inner and the outer…and doing so with a sense of the only thing that bonds polaric opposites. Love.


~ by Lord Amaru on July 27, 2015.

One Response to ““I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson”

  1. Balancing the dualities within our existence with a spiritual understanding and practice is truly an art. In reference to “…the Aquarian Age will witness the rise of the feminine in the world and a supposed decline of the masculine…this binary is an illusion…”, although I agree that each relies heavily on one another, an imbalance has occurred over time.

    The extreme violence of battles, wars, inhumane occurrences and non-acceptance of feminine energy that has prevailed throughout the ages has warranted the awakening of the feminine energy to rise up out of necessity, not in defiance. There is a need for a softer approach to resolving conflict, openness to understanding and nurturance, which the feminine energy provides. The energetic masculine/feminine, high/low see-saw is in an extreme position at this time. There is a spiritual call for balance which is in its beginning phase with the entry of the Aquarian Age.

    I believe there is a misunderstanding of this binary, particularly by those who do not fully understand this energetic art of balance. This feminine awakening does not mean that the masculine is not needed, which is how some females (and males) may interpret this occurrence. It means that it’s time for a realization of the value and activation of feminine energy and the necessity of its presence. It does not mean the elimination of the masculine energy/males because, as you have stated, “at times, you need both”.

    The feminine must come with gentle strength in order to bring the needed balance. Just as it took time for the imbalance of masculine energy to occur, it will take time for the feminine energy to bring balance. There are many faces of love that must be realized, understood and practiced before that balance of both energies can occur because love is the answer.

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