“I Desire – Esoteric Astrology and Scorpio” by T. Hasan Johnson

When most people think about astrology, they think about individual personalities and relationships, yet the undergirding concept has more to do with understanding the stages of the soul’s progressions though lifetimes. Amthropomorphized from astronomical phenomena, the stars provide a mirror for how we can better understand ourr greater purpose. Today, we examine the quality of Scorpio, engendered by the slogan, “I Desire.”


The intensity of the quality of Scorpion desire is oft-discussed. However, this type of desire is not limited to individual personalities, as it actually relates to the soul. In essence, scorpion desire deals with close intimacy…but intimacy with whom? Or what? Intimacy, here, deals with the interrelation between soul and the collective world Spirit. The Union of the two symbolizes the relationship between one’s soul (generally thought of as an individual thing) and the collectivity of all existence. Put shortly, collective soul intimacy and the notion of permanent union…or, the “desire” to merge the one with the All. 

Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, water sign, and thus emits an energy that is extremely powerful. But contrary to notions of intense faithfulness and loyalty, alongside vicious jealousy and controlling behaviors attributed to individuals, Scorpio also relates to purification. It is no accident that it is on the soul’s upswing in regard to the soul’s mission to reconnect with the All. 

The intensity of Scorpio relates to the immersion into the fullness of human passions and base motivations, but it also symbolizes the process of conquerring the lower qualities of such passions and moving beyond them. The intensity and “sting” of the lower passions of anger, insecurity, and jealousy are finally bested in Scorpio, as Libra before it balances (stabilizes) them in preparation for cleansing. 


Another thing to remember is the symbolism. The scorpion has an intimidating outer appearance…but when one Is able to move passed the daunting facade of it, it’s underside is its vulnerable aspect. In other words, it has a soft side that it’s scary exterior belies. Overall, it’s energetic quality preserves three important qualities: 1, spiritual growth over the lower nature; 2, close, intimate union with the Spirit, and 3, preparation of the inner temple for a higher calling. 


~ by Lord Amaru on July 30, 2015.

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