“I See – Esoteric Astrology and Sagittarius” by T. Hasan Johnson

In esoteric astrology, Libra (the seventh stage of the soul’s evolution) stabilizes the soul’s relationship to spirit and worldly matters, while Scorpio (the soul’s eight stage of progression) offers the motivation and rationale to transform. Today, we ruminate on Sagittarius and its capacity to “destroy” the tie to the lower nature. Symbolized by the centaur with a bow and arrow, this sign represents the ninth stage in the soul’s progression to perfection and reunion with the unknowable.

The centaur itself symbolizes more than the balance between the lower capacity of a beast and the higher capacity of human intellect and spiritual progression. In fact, it more so captures the shift in the soul itself. The soul evolves into a more refined version of itself, where its capacity and potential is perfected, and the lower nature is finally triumphed by the higher. The consciousness of the Self uses the arrow to destroy its limitations, and free it’s potential.

The quality of this sign is not unlike an explorative child who can now walk after crawling, or drive after walking, or fly a plane instead of drive. At each stage of growth, armed with a new ability, it courageously jumps into a new context with vigor.

One need not be a Sagittarius to enjoy this stage of development. Much of the time we think of our zodiac sign as something branded upon us at birth solely based on when we were born. But the traits personified by the signs of the zodiac represent stages of development that we are all privy to… However, one could say that the particular narrative drama of our astrological signs tend to hold significance for each of us.

Individually we can each be sensitive to our zodiacal drama, but for the soul, each sign represents a stage of development, and Sagittarius offers growth over lower modes of perception and experience. Other qualities of the stage of “I See” are a thirst for experience, newness, exploration, and the release of fear, doubt, and emotionalism. In terms of the relationship with Spirit, this stage illustrates growth, but also a clarity of sight–now unimcumbered by lower fears and doubts. This clarity without doubt breeds a new confidence, a new sense of beingness, a new sense of possibility. If tied to a mission of helping others, such growth can be world changing, as it is consciousness raising.


~ by Lord Amaru on August 1, 2015.

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