“Heliocentric Vortex Theory and God Consciousness” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

solar-system 2

In Black Gnostic Studies, astrological phenomena weighs heavily on human life. So, too, does the symbolism and allegory of holy scriptures. As stated before, the interpretation of scriptural lore, especially Christian symbology, is allegorical and usually relates to the various aspects of the Self.

However, the interpretation (exegesis) of scriptural “people” as allegorical as opposed to historical is highly offensive to some people, as they assume if you argue that Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (among others) were mythical, it means you’re suggesting they are lies. Regarding such figures as myths, a position some call ‘mythicist,’ does not suggest that scriptures are lies per se, but rather that the scriptures themselves come out of a period when mythical allegory was the norm when communicating spiritual ideas and theorems, especially amongst the learned (or lettered).

These practices were inherited from Kemet and Nile Valley practices, and were used, ultimately, to highlight the workings of the various aspects of the Self. It was also a method for explaining the full capabilities of human beings who could evolve to their fullest spiritual capacities.

The origins of even these practices began with the worship of the sun. The Sun was acknowledged to be the source of life, and was the reason that the seasons occurred ritualistically, the planets revolved in predictable order, and the universe stayed in a relatively precise structure. During the Enlightenment, some thousands of years after Nile Valley Africans discovered it (and the Dogon no less), it was determined that the earth rotates around the sun.

The sun began to be used as an inspiration for allegory as well, first with deity-figures such as Ra (later dubbed Apollo Helios among the Greeks and Sol for the Romans), then eventually with Jesus (Yeshua) the Christ (‘christos’ meaning ‘anointed one’). This, in the context of the spiritual constellation of forces within yourself was then translated as the highest level of consciousness, that which illuminates the rest. It also could be interpreted as the solar plexus in the body, a series of nerves and a chakra in the abdomen, with spiritual capabilities much like the sun.

In Kemet, the physical sciences were not seen as separate from the spiritual, rather they were intertwined, and one could easily help stimulate thought about the other. But how different is that really from today, where scientific advancements stimulate philosophical inquiry and raise questions about the nature of being?

In a series of videos below, there’ve been new developments in astronomical theory that weigh on outer philosophical and spiritual assumptions, both about our capacities and potential and human beings.

Heliocentric Vortex Theory

Growing up, I remember in school being told how the sun rotates, and causes the planets to orbit around it…but that was all I was told–other than that our solar system would one day be destroyed, that was it! (In this way, I suppose, all things end, a lesson to see repeated on every level of existence/every level of awareness existing in the realm of duality). What we’re now learning is that the sun moves around the Milky Way much like the earth around the sun, and although they debate as to whether or not there’s a sun or a black hole in the center of it, its movements are similar to the movement of atoms, or atomic structures.

There are critics of these videos, but they don’t necessarily debunk what I was most drawn to in this video series (namely, that the sun moves!), yet their critiques are mostly about how the videos were made, not their motion. To me, the planets’ elliptical cycles, at times “ahead” of the sun, and at ties “behind,” aren’t as relevant as the realization one has seeing how our solar system interacts with the rest of the galaxy.

The Sun moving through the Milky Way Heliocentrically 

An interesting point to consider is whether our current astrological constellation will be around when the earth is on the other side of the Milky Way. Our astrology is based on a constellation of stars that are so far apart that they only make sense from a certain vantage point. They would not, however, appear the same from another point. In essence, they may impact us in various ways, but how we make sense of the impact and what anthropomorphic imagery we create (and its consequent meanings) are an extension of our imagination. But don’t get it twisted, our exegesis of sacred text is also a product of our cultural practices and imagination…nothing escapes that, I’m afraid. We like to think meaning is outside of human consciousness, but it isn’t, and as soon as we forget what something means to us, we create new meaning from those same two sources: culture and imagination.


Earth around sun and the Zodiac

Relationally speaking, it seems every level of existence/consciousness is conditioned by the one beyond it. Meditate on this and share your thoughts on how heliocentric vortex theory changes human consciousness…

~ by Lord Amaru on September 26, 2015.

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