“The Search for the Black Messiah in Modern Day Myths” by J. Asar

Star Trek Deep Space 9 (Journey Within)

This essay deals with the esoteric decoding of Captain Benjamin Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and the journey within. I will use Joseph Campbell’s method of decoding the myth. Campbell taught in his book entitled “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” that the hero of myth comes in threes: mono myth, initiation, and the return. In reading comprehension: there are three levels of learning. The first one is the literal level or the meaning in face value. The second level is the inferential in which the viewer or reader reads into between the lines for the deeper insight and finally the evaluative level in which the reader makes the myth pertinent to his life, For those who may have never watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9, I will give you a brief summary of the TV Show or Mono Myth.

Mono Myth

Commander Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko was born in 2332 in New Orleans, Earth. His mother had been possessed by a Prophet –a non linear alien species which lived in the unknown Bajoran who would later become the Emissary of the Prophets. Later, Sisko joined Starfleet academy in 2350. Sisko was 18, he studied to be a engineer. Sisko graduated in 2354, around this time he met a woman named Jennifer at Gilgo Beach. In the same year, Sisko fell in love with Jennifer and later married and moved to Benjamin new posting in Berlin. Later, Sisko transferred to the U.S Saratoga, with his wife Jennifer and son Jake. They all lived aboard the vessel. Later that year, the ship was operating close to Earth, and was called to join the Wolf 359 to defend the system from a Borg attack. The Battle at Wolf was an decimation. As a result, Sisko’s wife was killed in the war (DS9: Homecoming.)

Sisko was faced with the loss of his wife and raising his son Jake alone. Sisko aim accused Jean Picard of Star Trek Frontier for the loss of his wife. His former Captain Leyton nominated Sisko for a Commanding Position. Starfleet promoted him as a commander and assigned him to Bajor, home to the Prophets who had engendered his birth. Sisko met his future friends on Deep Space 9(DS9). Bajoran Liason and second in command Kira. Security Chief Odu, Doctor Julian Bashir, and Chief of Operations Miles O’Brian. He was reunited with his old friend Dax, whose soul was living in a female body. Sisko referred to Dax as Old Man whose soul  has lived in many incarnations as male or female. The climate on Bajor was rancorous, as factions fought for control in the new Bajoran Provisional Govt. Sisko learned that the only way to unite them was to call on the Bajoran spiritual leader Kom Opako. Sisko met with her in a safe area of Bajor and she revealed to him that he was to be the Emissary of the Prophet and by fate will discover the Celestial temple, home of the Prophets. Sisko returned to the station with the help of Dax and studied everything known about the Celestial Temple. Sisko detected the wormhole in the  Denorrios Belt . As they traveled through the wormhole, Dax was sent home and only Sisko was allowed to enter the Celestial Temple. Meanwhile, Sisko at the Celestial Temple elaborated to the Prophets about the significance of linear existence to humans. In Season 3, He is promoted from Commander to Captain.


In the Celestial Temple, the Prophets taught him how to detach  from worrying about the death of his wife. Sisko returned from the Wormhole (Celestial Temple) and forgave Picard for his actions at Borg. Sisko now had a new task of leading a station of Bajoran officers. Many of whom venerated him as a religious figure- their prophecied Emissary. In the final season, Sisko received visions of his Birth Mother Sarah. He traveled to Tyree and discovered the orb of emisssry, which reopened the wormhole and the orbs.(DS9 “Image in the Sand” and “Shadows and Symbols.”) Sisko was challenged by the illusions of the Pah-Wraith demons who were trying to keep him opening up the portal of the wormhole. Sisko overcame the deceptions of the demons to reopened the Orb of the Emissary. Sisko reenters the Celestial Temple as his mother SARAH explained to him that the Prophets used his mother vessel to mate with his father Joseph Sisko to give birth to him. In the same way, the angel Gabriel (Tahuti) used Mary (Auset) as a vehicle to give birth to Jesus (Heru). Like Jesus, or Heru,  Sisko doubted his task by saying to his mother Sarah “Why Me’. Jesus and Heru stated “My God, My God. Why has thou forsaken me” (Kersey Graves, 16 Crucified Saviors: Book Your Church Doesn’t want you to read”).

Sisko was distracted by his carnal or mundane desires and wanted to marry his longtime girlfriend Cassidy Yates. Sisko’s mother Sarah and the Prophets came to him in a vision warning him that his path was a lonely path and that marrying Kassidy Yates will bring sadness and sorrow. Sisko refused to adhere to the Prophets warning by marrying her anyway. In the same way, Superman (Khal-EL) disobeyed his Father Jor-EL and mother to relinguish his Superman powers to mate with Lois Lane. Superman ignored his Parents prophecy of the 3 Prisoners of Krypton that represented (General Zod) perverted thought, (Urza) uncurbed emotions, and (Non) destructive actions that would attempt to destroy the planet Earth. The 3 prisoners all are ruled by the Ego that seperates man from God. Superman to regain his powers had to summon his Father and Mother and repent.  In like manner, Sisko wrestles with his personal and Universal spiritual desires. He has to sacrifice his personal desires for the sake of the all.


In the final episode, Sisko  was led to the Fire Caves following the victory at the battle at Cardasssia, where he got involved with the final encounter with the Pah-Wraiths, in the form of Dukat .Sisko destroyed the Evil Book of Koss. Amojan and ensued Dukat, along with the Pah-Wraith, into Fire Caves,  forever. Sisko died in the process of saving Bajor and the Galaxy. He was taken to the Celestial Temple, where he was to learn more from the Prophets. Sisko left behind his widow. Kassidy was able to see him in a vision and he told her he will see her in another incarnation.

I will now decode the esoteric  and historical significance of Captain Benjamin Sisko and Star Trek Deep Space 9 .Benjamin means the Son of the Right hand or Son of the South. The right hand implies power. Therefore sitting on the right hand of God means reigning in the capacity of God. The Son of the Right hand also means strength . In the Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot, he states that hand means mind and Mind means intelligence Thus, the Son of the right hand correlates to the right hemisphere of the Brain. The right hemisphere of the brain deals with Intuition, imagination, creativity, holistic thought, and left hand control. Left hemisphere of the brain pertains to logic, mathematics ,language, reasoning and right hand control.Ben means in Hebrew Son,. BenYamin or Ben Ra Amen because there was no J’s in the Hebrew language until the 17th century. Ben Ra Amen which means Son/Sun of the hidden light(Son of God). Benjamin middle name Lafayette is a French surname which means Faith. Lafayette is a city of west-central Indiana on the Wabash river northwest of Indianapolis. Avery Brooks who played Captain Benjamin Sisko is from Gary, Indiana. Lafayette is also a city of south central Louisiana west south west of Baton Rouge. Settled by Acadians in the 1700’s. it is a center of Cajon culture. Benjamin Sisko is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Sisko literal connotation meaning is chef or cook. However, Sisko is derived from Francisko which means in Latin a free man. Lafayette is also a French Soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution (1757-1834). Benjamin historical connection is to Benjamin Banneker (Big Ben Bey) who designed Washington D.C. Sisko is the emissary of Bajor or Bey-Jor. Beys are the Moorish surnames which is connected to business, trade, commerce,and land ownership. Bey means the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman empire.

Details of  Black Moors Turkish harem by J.L Gerome. 1824-1904d

Esoterically, Bey means Lord of the Earth and one who subdues the earth.


Nature Knows No Colored-Line by J.A Rogers. Chapter (7).

Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation: Elihun Pleasant Bey

Journal of Moorish Paradigm issue 2. By Hakim Bey

From Superman to Man. J.A Rogers.

Finding Your Ben Ben Stone by Dr. Daniel E. Mitchell (Gnostic Brethern)

Jor is an abbreviation from Jordan Elohim or Gods, Loa (ancestors) in man.A country of southwest Asia in northwest Arabia. Inhabited in ancient times by various Semitic peoples such as the Moabites and the Nabataeans, the area was conquered by the Romans (first century AD), Arabs (seventh century), and Ottoman Turks, who held it from 1516 until World War I. As Transjordan the country became part of the British mandate of Palestine in 1920, gaining independence in 1946. It was renamed Jordan in 1949 after acquiring the West Bank, which it later renounced in 1974. Amman (AMEN) is the capital and the largest city
Read more at http://www.yourdictionary.com/Jordan#9taiR5iwAByufZL8.99

Ba is inside the word Bajor which is a ancient kemet word that signifies the soul. Jor also sounds like Superman Fathers name Jor-El his ancestor from krypton. Jor in ancient times also meant the strongest tribe. Since there was no J’s in the Hebrew alphabet until 17th century. So Bayour if you transpose the word Ba and Your is your(BA) soul. William Earnest Henry wrote in his Poem “Invictus” that “I am the Master of my fate. I am the Captain of My Soul. Captain BenJamin Lafayette Sisko the emissary of Bajor which is pronounced Bey-jor is the Captain of his soul. Bennu in ancient Egyptian mysticism exhibits the symbol of eternal return expressed by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert in Orion Mystery.The Greek interpretation of the Bennu was called the Phoenix, whereas in West African cultural traditions its sacred cosmical was given credence as the Sankofa Bird. In the Medu Netcher, the bird is the symbol of Ba (Soul).

Captain Benjamin Sisko journey is not only externally with the crew on Star Trek Deep Space 9 but also internally. Like all messiahs, messengers, prophets or human beings for their mission or purpose on this planet Earth and the universe. Benjamin Sisko’s journey is within himself by ascending the Tree of Life /KA BA RA. The Tree of llife is the archetypal blueprint for Human Beings journey to reach their Summon Bunnom supreme good. There are 11 sephiras or spheres of light within the Tree of llfe.Some researchers state that they are more sephiras that is another subject for another time.

Revelation 2:7

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I willl grant the right to eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God.

Chapter 5, verse 16, Bhagavad Gita, Paramahamsa Nithyananda unveils the sacred secret of this verse. Enlightenment … So naturally his language, body language, life style, skills, everything is of king’s. Can see very ….. Visualize you are a huge banyan tree became Kalpataru banyan tree.

Now lets examine the 11 spheres or sephira of the(Tree of Life) Kaballah which in hebrew means to receive: The first sephirah (emanations) is Pluto or Conciousness which governs transformation and regeneration. In the same way, Phoenix  rises up and above the residue of Mars’ destruction and ashes. Pluto’s esoteric  ruler is Pisces. The death of desire, the death of our attachment to form or the total death and the surrender of the lower self as it merges with the soul.

The number 1 stands up like a phallus; it is the vertical I am. The second sephirah is Wisdom or Neptune which governs the supreme form of spiritual, mystical and universal love. Neptune is  the heart of the spiritual son. It is the planet most closely linked with the work of the soul in manifestation and is thus the vehicle for Christ Consciousness, which is indeed at the heart of divinity. Neptune’s esoteric ruler is Cancer. Through Cancer Neptune is an higher octave  of the Moon. The number 2 is the mirror image of I am. I know that I am.

The third sephirah is Uranus, or Understanding which governs Aquarius is a higher vibrational octave of Mercury. Uranus rules and governs the Collective and Universal (Infinite) mind harmonius and stability. The number 3 is applied wisdom.

The fourth sephirah is Action or Mars. Mars esoteric ruler is Scorpio. The desire for physical incarnation. The stock taking, the measuring and cataloging of the gift of life.

The fifth sephirah is Jupiter or Power. Jupiter is the planet of expansion of consciousness. Its significance is to merged the lesser dualities of head and heart, mind, and love in order to produce wisdom. The number 5 which judges now what it has conserved in memory and experience. Universally the number of man, the 5 limbed microcosm strung between two worlds.

The sixth sphere is the Sun which is exoterically ruled by Leo rules the heart. Sun signifies balance, harmony, and equality. Law of Harmony: every positive has a negative, every active is a passive. The Principle of Polarity. Like and Like are the same. Opposites are identical in a nature and different in degree. 32 degrees Fahrenheit equals 5 and 212 Celsius is the boiling point equals 5. Temperature is Identical in nature but different in degrees.

The seventh sphere is Venus governs love that is personal and subjective in nature Venus is rules creativity and anarchy. Principle of Gender or Generation. The world of victory and magnitude. It is sacred and mysterious, like the veil.

The eighth sphere is Mercury which rules and govern the finite mind. Logic, mathematics, reasoning, analyses, creation and decimation 8 is the vertical sign of infinity. 8 brings awareness of heavenly realms. In Assyrian, Mercury was called Nabu which sounds like a planet in Star Wars.

The ninth sphere is the Moon or the foundation which governs the intuition, the dream world. Reflection and imagination. Inner world of dreams, day dreams. The inner self. The realm of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

The tenth sphere is the Earth which is associated the realm of matter. The Kingdom. 10 is the return to 1. The Spirit is clothed with flesh and returns to the world.

Saturn is the eleventh sphere which is Father Time or Contraction. The portal to knowledge.

Principle of Cause and Effect. Every effect has its cause. Lord of Karma. The Semetic civilizations referred to God as El. who is the supreme deity and represented by a black cube.

I will only focus on the ninth sphere of the Tree of life or the dream world. As Morpheus told Neo that he is living in a dream world.  In the episode Far Beyond the Stars, The Prophets or Ancestors gave Sisko  a bizarre vision in which he saw himself as a science fiction writer Benny Russell. Within the day dream, a strange preacher told Sisko that the path of the Prophets will ultimately lead him to darkness and pain. When Sisko attempted to sacrifice his life to save the Alpha Quadrant (Sacrifice of Angels) the Prophets intervened told him that his life must continue. The Mysterious Prophet clearly had another fate. In the final episode, What you leave Behind, Sisko finally realized that his destiny was to re-seal the evil Pah-Wraith Sisko  wrestling with the Pah –Wraith in the fire cave is symbolic of him wrestling with the fears in his subconscious mind of sacrificing his personal desires for the sake of humanity.

Captain Benjamin Sisko marrying Kassidy Yates without the Prophets permission.

Source. Graphic Novel: Star Trek The Q Gambit: Volume 9.

Heru vs Set.

Jesus vs Satan

Higher Selve vs Ego (lower selve).

The Starfleet Academy where Benjamin Sisko studied to become a navigator of the Star Trek Deep Space 9 Vessell.

The Pyramids looks like the Pyramids in Mexico.

The Temple of Kulkulkan Tehuti

The Step Pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico.

San in Spanish means Saint.

Francisko means in Latin Free Man. (Mind).

Captain Ben (Sun) of Amen Ra

Avery Brook as the Archetypal hero named Hawk

Heru or Hawk is the resurrection of his Father Ausar. If you watch the beginning of the credits you will see the Hawk and the Sun rise and set and shape shift from a Hawk to Avery Brooks.

Avery Brooks in the 1980’s played in the T.V show Spencer for Hire as the Mercenary name Hawk (Heru) He later starred in his own T.V. series entitled, “A Man Called Hawk” (Heru). Hawk was a Hero who worked for the common good of the community. He was not law enforcement or an private eye. He was the people’s champ like Muhammad Ali.

Hawk’s mentor was Old Man played by Moses Gun. The Hawk TV show preserved an old Ancient African tradition where the elder passed down his wisdom to the youth or student. In West Africa like the Ashanti or Dogon tribe, Elders share in the responsibility at correcting disharmony, maintaining peace and revitalizing community life. Hawk usually wore an Sankofo symbol on his neck.

Sankofa which means that its not taboo to reclaim your culture or your history.

Baba Dick Gregory who is now an ancestor. Elder, Comedian, and Activist.

Old Man character played by Moses Gunn.

Old Man resembled Dick Gregory.

A Man Called Hawk settings was in Washington D.C.

Dick Gregory lived in Washington, D.C.,

In the first episode entitled “Masters Mirror, Hawk gave his mentor Old Man a First Edition Copy of W.E.B. Dubois Souls of Black Folk. In the episode entitled “If Memory Serves,” the Old Man taught him the original tradition of the Vodun religion in Africa. He told Hawk before Christianity, the ancestral worship was used to serve and protect and there are some evil Voodon priests like Crawdaddy that Vodon to manipulate, harm and control people for their own personal gains. In like manner, there were some parallels with Hawk and Captain Benjamin Sisko. For example, Sisko called his mentor Dax who was a female old man. She was his male mentor in her previous life incarnation. Furthermore, Avery Brooks as the Emissary Sisko, “The Relationship with his Sun” was critically important with Jake’s character, he brought out the human side in the Captain because otherwise you would just see an authoritative figure with Jake his son he becomes more passionate and playful.

Benjamin Sisko and Dax. Aka Old Man.

In essence, Captain Benjamin Sisko path on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was not only a external  journey, however, it was an internal journey within to acknowledge his purpose and mission  in the Galaxy. We all have a purpose or path we  just have to look within. to discover that mission. Avery Brooks commented in DS9 interview, “The investigation of self, or the discovery of self; is an internal journey. The investigation of the unknown is not outer ultimately; but inner. So the idea of this man reluctantly wrestling with his idea of being the chosen one, to make his journey, towards the discovery of self, is something that humans does until they leave the planet. I’m sure, certainly that’s what I’m doing (Crew Dossier, Benjamin Sisko DS9, Season 7).


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