“I See – Esoteric Astrology and Sagittarius” by T. Hasan Johnson

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In esoteric astrology, Libra (the seventh stage of the soul’s evolution) stabilizes the soul’s relationship to spirit and worldly matters, while Scorpio (the soul’s eight stage of progression) offers the motivation and rationale to transform. Today, we ruminate on Sagittarius and its capacity to “destroy” the tie to the lower nature. Symbolized by the centaur with a bow and arrow, this sign represents the ninth stage in the soul’s progression to perfection and reunion with the unknowable. Continue reading ‘“I See – Esoteric Astrology and Sagittarius” by T. Hasan Johnson’

“I Desire – Esoteric Astrology and Scorpio” by T. Hasan Johnson

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When most people think about astrology, they think about individual personalities and relationships, yet the undergirding concept has more to do with understanding the stages of the soul’s progressions though lifetimes. Amthropomorphized from astronomical phenomena, the stars provide a mirror for how we can better understand ourr greater purpose. Today, we examine the quality of Scorpio, engendered by the slogan, “I Desire.”

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“I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson

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This series explores the qualities of each zodiac sign’s contribution to understanding the way in which The Self, the interconnected qualities within each of us that flow like a giant ocean, functions in our lives. Inherited from the Kemetic cultural cosmology, the process of developing one’s consciousness through purposeful reflection was not separate from the intellectual traditions or matters of State, but were interwoven. Continue reading ‘“I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson’

“LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd

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I wish movies like LUCY were being brought to the screen more often. I’m not a sci-fi buff or avid movie goer, but I thoroughly enjoy this thought provoking story-line about man’s highest potential. This movie was great although it missed some moments to creatively capitalize on opportunities to tell a deeper story. Continue reading ‘“LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd’

“13 Lenses from My Meditation” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

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The Art of Darlene Jones

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“Broken African Libraries and the Colonization of Creative Knowledge” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D. [Warning! Adult graphic material!]

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I recently lectured in class about African enslavement and decided to include the Arab Slave Trade in Africa. I thought it important to address the role of African knowledge in the development of Europe, and the African relationship with Arabs was a useful jumping off point. Essentially, you can look at it in two ways: the impact of African wealth and intellectual advancement via Greece and Rome, and the Moorish occupation of Southern Europe. Greece and Rome’s colonization of North Africa provided them access to wealth both material and intellectual. Most obsess over the material wealth, but what we often miss is that the advancement of “civilization” in Europe was unprecedented in regard to the speed and breadth of Greece and Rome after it’s conquest of Africa. Why? Continue reading ‘“Broken African Libraries and the Colonization of Creative Knowledge” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D. [Warning! Adult graphic material!]’

“Dadisi Sanyika and American Horror Story: Coven” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D

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My students have gotten me into watching American Horror Story: Coven this season. Although it’s only in the third or so episode, I must admit it’s intriguing. It’s entertaining…and it deals with the occult. Okay, to be honest, it sensationalizes the occult.

“The History Channel’s “The Bible”… (sigh) Charleton Heston on Easter all over again?” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

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sun movement2Ok. I, as with many of you, watched Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments and the Easter tradition of Jesus of Nazareth every year from my childhood on. I even watched it after I began reading books like The Autobiography of Malcolm X as reported to Alex Haley and Chancellor’s Williams’ Destruction of Black Civilization. To be honest, after the age of 15 I watched them for the sake of bearing witness to the mechanics of White supremacy. But strangely, it still has the ability to surprise me…the audacity that is… Continue reading ‘“The History Channel’s “The Bible”… (sigh) Charleton Heston on Easter all over again?” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.’

“Gnostic ‘Being’ and Omniscience” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

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I have not written for this blog in quite a while. My wife Desiree Lowe-Johnson passed away in 2009 and I have been…in meditation ever since. I have come to understand some things as a result, but offer no absolutes or edicts for any to follow. I can, however, share some observations…some revelations I’ve had. Continue reading ‘“Gnostic ‘Being’ and Omniscience” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.’

“My Dream on May 31, 2009…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

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I had a dream this morning that I was in a graduate level class and the teacher, an angry, old Asian man, asked the class the mathematical formula for all existence. Mathematicians of every stripe tried to explain things, including Philosophers, but no one could answer his question. So right as everyone was starting to grab their coats and prepare to leave, I took the podium. I said that I would be brief, but to allow me to add something. The people graciously sat back down (with a slight grumble in the process, as I was the only Black person in the class and they seemed to tolerate me as some strange, exotic character that didn’t belong with them). I started to write on the board several symbols and explained what I meant by them, while qualifying to them that I was not a mathematician, but a Humanities scholar. Continue reading ‘“My Dream on May 31, 2009…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.’