KRS-ONE, Black Gnosticism, and Awakened Perception

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krs-oneKRS-ONE, or “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone,” has always been outspoken, but few knew during the “Bridge Wars” against MC Shan in the mid-1980s that he would become the conscience and heart of Hip-Hop… Continue reading ‘KRS-ONE, Black Gnosticism, and Awakened Perception’

“Heliocentric Vortex Theory and God Consciousness” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

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In Black Gnostic Studies, astrological phenomena weighs heavily on human life. So, too, does the symbolism and allegory of holy scriptures. As stated before, the interpretation of scriptural lore, especially Christian symbology, is allegorical and usually relates to the various aspects of the Self. Continue reading ‘“Heliocentric Vortex Theory and God Consciousness” by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson’

“I Use – Esoteric Astrology and Capricorn” by T. Hasan Johnson

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Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet of difficult lessons and discipline. In astrology, it is generally considered an earth sign, with an introverted capacity, and one of the four cardinal signs.

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“I See – Esoteric Astrology and Sagittarius” by T. Hasan Johnson

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In esoteric astrology, Libra (the seventh stage of the soul’s evolution) stabilizes the soul’s relationship to spirit and worldly matters, while Scorpio (the soul’s eight stage of progression) offers the motivation and rationale to transform. Today, we ruminate on Sagittarius and its capacity to “destroy” the tie to the lower nature. Symbolized by the centaur with a bow and arrow, this sign represents the ninth stage in the soul’s progression to perfection and reunion with the unknowable. Continue reading ‘“I See – Esoteric Astrology and Sagittarius” by T. Hasan Johnson’

“I Desire – Esoteric Astrology and Scorpio” by T. Hasan Johnson

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When most people think about astrology, they think about individual personalities and relationships, yet the undergirding concept has more to do with understanding the stages of the soul’s progressions though lifetimes. Amthropomorphized from astronomical phenomena, the stars provide a mirror for how we can better understand ourr greater purpose. Today, we examine the quality of Scorpio, engendered by the slogan, “I Desire.”

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“I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson

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This series explores the qualities of each zodiac sign’s contribution to understanding the way in which The Self, the interconnected qualities within each of us that flow like a giant ocean, functions in our lives. Inherited from the Kemetic cultural cosmology, the process of developing one’s consciousness through purposeful reflection was not separate from the intellectual traditions or matters of State, but were interwoven. Continue reading ‘“I Balance – Esoteric Astrology and Libra” by T. Hasan Johnson’

“LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd

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I wish movies like LUCY were being brought to the screen more often. I’m not a sci-fi buff or avid movie goer, but I thoroughly enjoy this thought provoking story-line about man’s highest potential. This movie was great although it missed some moments to creatively capitalize on opportunities to tell a deeper story. Continue reading ‘“LUCY” by Michael Slaughter Lloyd’